Saturday, May 12, 2012

DIY: Glitter Wine Glasses

Well, this whole DIY started with the need to make/buy/create something to fill my SUPER sexy monogrammed bags I had made for my bridesmaids. What, I asked myself, would I do? My sister's was an easy "aha!" moment as I saw these cute glittered wine glasses on pinterest and thought back to that time I went to her house and drank wine from a drinking glass.


And she LOVES wine.

I don't get it either.

Anyways, without futher ado, DIY Glitter Wine Glasses!

- Glitter (I used packets from Dollarama because I kept this budget)
- Modge Podge (I used matte because I didn't want to take away from the sparkle of the glitter, but not sure what would be best)
- Wine glasses (20 oz for me!)
- Paint brush. I used the sponge brush and loved it.
- Container for glitter
- Paper/something to shake glitter off onto and back into container
 - Krylon Clear Coat

Step One:
 Clean and dry your glasses really well. If not, the modge podge might not stick right.
So clean!
Step Two:
Choose your glitter and dump it into a cup/container if it doesn't have a way to pour it nicely. I mixed together several small packets for most of mine, but was able to cover the entire base and stem with only one packet.

The Dollarama Sparkles. I liked them because they were super fine and had a variety of colours.

Two lightest blues mixed and swirled together in my pouring cup, which was way too big.
  Step Three:
Cover your cup's base, sides of the base (oops!) and stem with modge podge using your brush. I found a spot on the stem where it started to flare to end my glittering, but you might choose a different area. To make a good, straight line at the top, I inserted my hand into the cup, held the brush lightly to the stem and moved my hand in a circle to make the brush make a line. It worked like a charm.

I'd say the more the better, unless it is too much and drippy. But you want it to be mostly solid coloured.
Step Four:
Pour sparkles over the modge podge. I have NO pictures of this because, well, it was messy! What I did was pour over the stem first, then, when I was out of sparkles, put it back in the cup and poured over another area, etc, etc until I was done.

Step Five: 
Set to dry.

So nice! The light sucks, so the colours aren't perfect here, but close. Lots of shine too!

Step Six/Seven (TBD):
I haven't done this step yet, but I will tell you what is next. After these dry I will modge podge them again with no sparkles. I did save some sparkles in case there are bald spots. After the next layer of modge podge to seal these suckers in, I am going to spray the glitter with a layer of Krylon Clear Spray Paint. I bought this a LONG time ago to seal a cup that Mr. Sunshine got from kids at work, but have used it for countless crafts since. I love it!

For four glasses, this was a fairly cheap craft! I spent the following:
$5-- 4 glasses @ $1.25 each from Dollar Tree
$3 -- 3 glitter packs (and tons left over) @ $1.00 each from Dollarama
$3 -- Modge Podge small bottle with 50% coupon from Michael's
$0.10 -- foam brush a long time ago on sale from Michael's
$Free$ -- Krylon Clear Coat. Considering how little I'm using anyways, maybe $0.25 worth of it?

Total before taxes= $11.10

Anyone else find a great DIY gift they've completed?

~Miss. Sunshine


  1. Love these! I'm also doing monogrammed bags but I have no idea what I'm going to put in them. I might try my hand at these.

    1. So far so good. They need about 24 hrs to dry in between coats or you will pull off a ton of sparkles and have to redo it. *cough*. The top coat goes on really well! Just have to spray mine with Krylon now. On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being "pour A into B" and 10 being building a bed from scratch, I'd say this was a 2.

  2. Love these! I just started getting crafty and customised my own glasses today - would you mind having a look and let me know what you think?

  3. I love this idea and have started practicing on some old glasses, so far so good. Instead of doing a layer of modpodge over glitter, I just did a couple coats of the clear spray sealant. Any reason you know that this wouldn't work or that modpodge over glitter first is better?

  4. any idea how they manage in the dishwasher?

  5. Hi was looking at ur glasses was going to give it a go myself but was wondering what MODGE PODGE IS ? and how long till they can b put in water to b washed xx

  6. Hi just found out what the modge podge is thanks xx

  7. I love the idea, I'm going to try this for my wine tasting party thanks for the idea

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  10. How do these hold up in the dishwasher?